KYB Series

KYB Premium

  • Because it is factory assembled and factory exact, your customers can expect its built-in performance features to...
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KYB Excel-G

  • Patented valving plus pressurized nitrogen gas account for riding comfort and, at the same time, dramatically reduce...
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KYB Gas-A-Just

  • The basic secret's the combination of highly pressurized N2 and an all-weather fluid, which helps minimize bounce...
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Other Products

Mando Brake Pads

  • Mando is the original equipment manufacturer for all Korean vehicles including KIA, Hyundai, Ssangyon...
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JHF Automotive Filters

  • JHF Air Filters, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters and Cabin filters are available for many Japanese and Korean vehicles...
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KCW Wiper Blades

  • KCW Wiper blades are available for a wide range of commercial vehicles. Original factory fitted for many Korean brands...
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KYB Bump Stop Kit

  • Introducing KYB's superior quality Bump Stop Kits for today's consumer. The KYB Bump Stop Kit provides the most effective protection program to ensure the longevity of your struts.
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Original Factory Fitted Brands