KYB Series

The shock absorbers for cars and other commercial vehicles come with a choice to suit different types of vehicles and different road conditions. These are broadly divided as Gas type, semi gas type and oil type.

Mando Brake Pads

Mando is the original equipment manufacturer for all Korean vehicles including KIA, Hyundai, Ssangyon and Daewoo. Our brake pads are of the highest quality and price competitive at the same time.

JHF Automotive Filters

JHF Air Filters, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters and Cabin filters are available for many Japanese and Korean vehicles. Protect your car engine against harmful substances that causes fatal damage to the internal combustion system through our genuine Automotive Filters.

KCW Wiper Blades

KCW Wiper blades are available for a wide range of commercial vehicles. Original factory fitted for many Korean brands.

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